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  • AC plug mold
  • AC plug mold
  • AC plug mold
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  • USB plug mold
  • Computer plug mold
  • Waterproof plug mold

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  dongguan HaoChen mold factory professional development, design and manufacture of AC、DC safety plug mold. Aviation medical computer,communication and other kinds of connector mold,TPE,TPU hot runner mould ,plastic mould and precision jigs,and  fixtures      Our company has a group of sophisticated CAD 、 CAM 、 CAE engineer and experienced technicianand management team .The company has a high  precision mold production and processing machinery and equipment more than 30Taiwan,inside the company strictly in the ISO9001 quality system standard ,7 S  evaluation  criterion “for production operation. Professional and technical personnel ,and tully ensure the mold manufacturing,


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  • DC plug mold future trends
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